Thursday, April 19, 2012

Casio: Covent Garden Concept Store

Casio opens a brand new concept store in London this Saturday. Situated in the heart of Covent Garden, the two level, 933 sq ft shop is a triumph in both urban aesthetics and premium cool.

Upstairs is where you can expect to find all things G-Shock Premium; whether that's the Mr-G - the first time the £2500 watch has been available outside of Japan - to the motorsports-inspired Edifice as well as a new Premium Women's Line, The Sheen. All this and, of course, the Baby G, G-Shock, G-Shock Premium and the new professional synthesisers.

"We are very excited about the store opening," said Mr. Kudo, MD, Casio UK. 

"We think the technological ideas employed in the store really sets us apart from other watch brands," continued Tim Gould, Head of Marketing Director, Casio UK. "This is the first Casio concept store internationally, timing with the forthcoming release of the Sheen and G-Shock's 30th birthday later this year."

The super-cool inshore design - all exposed brickwork and industrial wireframe mounted displays - features Lampless projectors (lightbulb free!), projection mapping (so you get 3D models of the watches) and interactive displays.

Upstairs is where you'll find the Mr-G, Premium and Edifice lines, downstairs, in the brilliant basement, is an explosion of colours with Baby-G, G-Shock and the Casio sythensisers.

Casio Store UK, Covent Garden Piazza opens this Saturday.

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